Vincent Butler Artist Morayshire Scotland

Vincent Butler

Vince was born in London where he grew up.
He was educated at a school in Chelsea,
leaving school he worked in a studio in Soho training
to become
a lettering artist.

Then someone invented Letraset and computers so that was the end of that career.
He remained in the display business working as
a graphic artist in the exhibition industry.

After many adventures he joined the RAF, passing the rigours of the RAF
Central Flying School,
and finally was sent to Scotland as a flying instructor.

This was in 1990, he only intended to stay in Scotland for three years,
but it is very nice country in the summer, so he has been here,
in Scotland ever since.

After retiring from the RAF he decided to remain in Scotland
and to go back to his first love, Painting animals in Oils.

All of the paintings on display are for sale.
He is also happy
to accept commissions.

He works from photographs which must be clear and sharp, not snaps as
he can only paint what he can see.

Vince is willing to travel
to take the photos, the cost is for expenses only which would be modest.

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